Raising a Thinking Child

Help Your Young Child to Resolve Everyday Conflicts and Get Along with Others
The "I Can Problem Solve" Program

Raising a Thinking Childby Myrna B. Shure, Ph.D. with Theresa Foy Digeronimo, M.ED
Published by Pocket Books
Paperback; $13.00US
ISBN: 0671534637

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"No parent who wants to raise a competent, thinking child in today's world will want to ignore this important new book."—Judith Johnson, Ph.D., Villanova University

Children as young as four years of age can learn to think for themselves in ways most of us never thought possible. By following the program discussed in this important new book, you can teach your young children how to solve problems and resolve conflicts that come up daily with friends, teachers, and family; to explore alternative solutions and their consequences; and to consider the feelings of others. The program will also help shy children to become more assertive and impulsive children to cope with frustration when things don't go their way. And of vital importance: The skills that your children learn through this program can prevent and reduce early behaviors that predict later problems such as violence, substance abuse, and depression.

This unique program, I Can Problem Solve or ICPS, was developed by Dr. Myrna Shure and based on years of research with parents and teachers. ICPS is now available for all parents, is easy to learn and incorporate into family life, and is a program that children will enjoy.

Using the principles of ICPS, Raising a Thinking Child offers special dialogues, games and activities, and communication techniques designed to respond to your children's problems in a new way—a way that will change your family dynamics and produce mentally healthy, self-confident, and socially adjusted children.

Praise For Raising a Thinking Child

"All parents of young children will benefit from this book. I know. I have been working with Dr. Shure's program with parents and teachers for the past ten years and I have seen the results. Parents say their homes have been more peaceful since starting the program." --Bonnie Aberson, Ed.S., School Psychologist, Dade County

"Raising a Thinking Child is a major resource that can increase the vitality and creativity of being a parent of a young child. Based on twenty-five years of research and evaluation with parents and teachers in schools, the renowned I Can Problem Solve program described in this book is now thankfully available for all parents." --James G. Kelly, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago

"Parents and teachers in my school district love the program in this book. I highly recommend it and only wish it had been available when my children were in their formative years." --Edith Fifer, Ed.D., Administrator, Chicago Public Schools

"The mutual respect and self-control that are both the foundation and the result of Dr. Shure's problem-solving method will give families valuable skills that will stay with them for life." --Anne Malone, L.S.W., M.S.S.

"When we first started the program with parents and teachers, I never dreamed that children so young could learn to solve problems. Now Dr. Shure has made it easy for all parents to help their children learn these skills so needed in the world today." --Phyllis Ditlow, M.Ed., Early Childhood Field Coordinator, School District of Philadelphia